Individual Tax/Fee Exemption

Individual Tax/Fee Exemption

In addition to the HST Harmonized Sales Tax (which is the "Revenue Tax" on VM), our property also collects a Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT), and a Marketing Service Fee (MSF) -- HST applies to both. 

Although the MAT is a tax, it is set up like a fixed fee rather than a tax on VM -- as is MSF, which is a fee.

The issue that we're having is that when a reservation is exempted from either MSF or MAT but not the other, we cannot use the exempt function as using said function will exempt both. 

At the moment, we either need to exempt all and post the applicable tax/fee or void the tax/fee concerned.

It would be helpful if the exempt function could list the individual fees/taxes, and include the ability to exempt one, some or all.