MOP Webinar July 20, 2023 - Reports Overview

MOP Webinar July 20, 2023 - Reports Overview

Watch the webinar below. Scroll down to see questions that were asked and answered during the webinar.
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Each housekeeper staff needs to be provided their own tablet device to be able to log their updates?
Correct. Each employee on duty will need their own mobile device.

There's a training provided for us to train them on how to use the application?
Of course. You can find all the needed training in the VM University.

Which phone device works best with MOP and is there a specific place we can purchase it.
You will find all the necessary information in this article.

It sounds like the housekeeps /Eng will be using tablets for this to be more efficient?

How can we set up multi property? we are currently using on two different properties with separate log in?
Please contact the Client Experience team, they will set up your profile.