PMS Webinar February 02, 2023 - Folios

PMS Webinar February 02, 2023 - Folios

Watch the webinar below. Scroll down to see questions that were asked and answered during the webinar.
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Name only folio can be checked-in before the primary?
You would need to check in the A folio before any other sub-folios.

When do incidental folio do you have to post the charges first? how do you authorize incidental deposit of like $100?
You must set the incidental charge amount in the credit card interface settings of your system in Management which will prompt this additional amount for every reservation in your system upon check-in.

We dont charge incidentals to all the guests only third party and regular guests. our contracted companies are not being charged incidentals
Upon check in you would modify the amount at check-in and only authorize the room amount - once your checked in you can go to the B folio and prompt an authorization where you can see the additional auth set up and authorize the card and only the additional amount on their B folio.

Why don't we modify the B folio authorization amount from 0 to 50 for incidentals?
The only time you can modify the authorization amount is through the check in process and that can only be done on the A folio.

Is there any way to write off an outstanding amount in a Group Folio for group pay or does it need to be manually voided?
It is always up to the property but we suggest to direct bill the balance in the folio to a direct bill account and then invoice it for that account and post the write off through Accounting to write off that folio balance through your system.

In the city ledger, if the property provides a cheque for a balance that is owed to the account owner, how can we record that we issued the payment? to change the balance from a negative  balance to a zero balance?
You would have to print the invoice from the direct bill that was posted in the folio which are listed as uninvoiced items in Accounting - then in Accounting you would post the check from that account on the Payments screen to their account and apply it to the invoice from the direct bill.

is there an option to email to multiple recipients?
Not at this time - but can be submitted as a feature request.

If someone would like a express checkout folio emailed.  Is there a place that we can put the room number and after night audit they can send the email?
You should be able to email or print the folio at any time with the folio tools when you view the folio just select print folio and then choose to email instead of print.