Cancel Individual Reservation with Adv Deposit (Cloud) 🎥

Cancel Individual Reservation with Adv Deposit (Cloud) 🎥

Path: Front Office > Reservations > Search and Open the Reservation

1. Select Cancel in the Toolbox on the right.
2. By default, the whole amount will be entered as to be refunded.
3. Enter the amount to be forfeited (kept). The amount refunded will be adjusted based on the amount forfeited.
4. Enter the Refund Method.
To avoid any balance issue, the MOP should be the same as the original MOP of the Advance Deposit. If the total amount is Forfeited and the Refunded amount is $0.00, keep the Refund Method as Cash.

5. Click Post to confirm the Forfeit/Refund of the deposit.
6. Enter the reason for the cancellation and click OK.
If the guest is outside of their allowable cancellation window, a popup message will populate to confirm the cancellation.
7. Select Confirm Letter in the Toolbox on the right to send the Confirmation of the Cancellation.
Visual Matrix does not generate a different number for the cancellation. The Cancellation number is the same as the Confirmation.

8. Go to Deposit Details on the right to see the history of the deposits. This page is not printable.

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