View the City Ledger Account Listing (Cloud) 🎥

View the City Ledger Account Listing (Cloud) 🎥

The City Ledger account Listing provides an overview of all City Ledger accounts within Visual Matrix, making it easy to access and manage corporate or group guest accounts efficiently.
Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Account Listing

Every existing account will automatically show when opening the page. However, if there is a long list of accounts; there are some search options.
- by Starting and Ending Acct # to narrow down a search between 2 accounts numbers.
- by Member Code. A member code is a group of multiple City Ledger accounts.
- by Sorting Method, to sort the results either by C/L Account or by Company name (Account Name).

Click Refresh.

The list of accounts will show:
- the account number.
- the member code.
- the account name.
- the contact name on the account.
- the city where the CL is registered.
- the phone number and email for the account.

The list can also be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings.

Click Print to keep a copy.

The printed copy will show the same information except the email.

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