City Ledger Accounting AGING Report (Cloud) 🎥

City Ledger Accounting AGING Report (Cloud) 🎥

The City Ledger AGING report provides a categorized view of customer invoices based on the time elapsed after the billing or due date. It groups outstanding invoices into date ranges of 30 days to help track and manage accounts receivable efficiently. This report can be printed for reference and analysis.
Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Aging Report

Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by range of account numbers.
- by date. Note that the Aging report is a dynamic report, not a static one. If a past date is chosen, it will still reflect any transaction posted after that date, like a payment.
- by member code. A member code is a group of multiple City Ledger accounts.

You can choose how the numbers in the Aging report will display: by invoice date or by folio posting date.
Regardless of the chosen selection, the city ledger balance remains unaffected. Opting for the posting date will display period balances (30/60/90 days) according to the day the charge was posted on the folio. Conversely, selecting by invoice date will showcase period balances (30/60/90 days) based on the date the folios were invoiced to the city ledger account.

Click Refresh to apply any of the options.

Click in any of the columns header to sort the list of account.

The first section of the Aging report will show the C/L Account number, member code (if attached to one) and the account name.

The second section will show the current 30-day period balance, the past 60/90-day period balance and the current total balance of the account.

The first line will always be the totals of Uninvoiced Items.

The last section of the window will will give the total of all CL accounts by date ranges of 30 days and the total current balance.

Click Print to keep a copy.

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