Setup and Bill City Ledger's Members Fees (Cloud)

Setup and Bill City Ledger's Members Fees (Cloud)

Member billing allows to create groups of city ledger accounts and post memberships or fees to those accounts. Each City Ledger is assign to a Member Group from its account profile (Member Code).

Setup New member Group

Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Member Billing

1. Click Add.
2. Setup a Code and a Code Description.
3. Click Save.

Assign a Member Code to a City Ledger Account

Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Account Listing > Open a CL Account

Using the Member Code dropdown, choose to which Member group assign the City Ledger account.

Bill a City Ledger Group

Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Member Billing

1. Select the Member code to bill.
2. Select the Accounting code to bill to each CL account.
3. Input the amount and description.
4. Click Post. This will direct bill each individual's city ledger account.

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