Create a New City Ledger Account (Cloud) 🎥

Create a New City Ledger Account (Cloud) 🎥

Path: Accounting > City Ledger > City Ledger

1. Click the "+" in the Company Address section.

2. Enter the Account number of your choice (Numbers or Letters can be used).

3. Enter an Address for the Account.

3. Enter a Company Name.

4. Enter the Billing address for the New Account.

5. Check Rate Override to input a specific Override Rate for this Account to use on Weekdays and Weekends instead of the Regular Base Rates.
6. Check the Rate Private box to hide rates from Guests Registration Cards.
7. Select a Taxable Option from the dropdown or Click Exempt to enter Tax Exemptions for the Account.

8. Check to email invoices instead of printing them. Invoices will be emailed to the primary contact of the account.
9. Choose the language preference for the account.

10. Check to activate the account.
11. Choose if the account is allowed to bill ALL Charges or Room and Tax only. This setting will not prevent any wrong billing. It will display a popup message at the moment of the billing to remind that the account is only for room and tax billing.

12. Enter any additional comments for the account.

13. Enter the primary contact's information for the account, email to receive invoices (if option checked) and phone number.

14. Select a credit term from the dropdown for the account parameters.

15. Set a discount rate and time-frame for discounts (within days), if applicable. This setting will not apply a discount automatically, it is an informative setting.

16. Enter the Credit Limit for the Account (this must be a figure more than Zero to avoid Errors/Messages from the system when billing).

17. Enter the names of the persons who can book reservations under this account (one entry minimum).

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