Duplicate an Individual Reservation (Cloud) 🎥

Duplicate an Individual Reservation (Cloud) 🎥

Duplicating a reservation can only be done with pending arrivals for current or future dates. A reservation that is inhouse, checked out, or cancelled can not be duplicated.
Path: Front Office > Search and Open the Reservation > Duplicate

1. Click on Duplicate in the Toolbox on the right.
2. Click OK to confirm the Duplication.
3. Click Cancel to stay on the current reservation or click Open Conf #xxx to go to the duplicated reservation.
4. The original reservation number will show on the duplicated one in the "Multiple Res" field in the Rate Information section.

Only the guest's information, stay details, and method of payment will carry over to the new booking when using Duplicate. However, if the MOP is a credit card, the MOP will duplicate but the credit card number WILL NOT.
Advance deposits and preblock rooms will not duplicate onto the new reservation. If the new reservation requires deposits those will need to be posted on the new reservation.

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