Front Office Reservation (Res) Management (Cloud | Video)

Front Office Reservation (Res) Management (Cloud | Video)

This article refers to the Cloud version. For the Desktop version, click HERE.

Front Office > Supervisor > Res Mgmt

This section lets you view details about incoming arrivals and pre-block rooms.
1- Enter the Arrival Date or select the date from the calendar.
2- Select a Room Type from the dropdown to filter by room type.
3- Select a defined filter with the Search By dropdown or enter a customized filter in Search For field.
4- Click Refresh.

5- The Arrivals by Day on the left and the Room Chart on the right will update with the filters you chose.
6- Click the Guest Name in the Arrivals by Day window to populate the fields in the Reservation Detail at the bottom.

The Room Chart on the right displays the property’s rooms guests reserved starting on the day you selected.
It can be filtered by Room Type from the dropdown.
Reference of the legend is at the bottom of the section.
To move guests on the Room Chart, click and hold a guest’s name on the chart, and then drag and release the guest to a new room and/or date.

Tutorial Video

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