Default Marketing Segmentation in a Reservation (Cloud) 🎥

Default Marketing Segmentation in a Reservation (Cloud) 🎥

Tracking the Market Segment, Referral Method, and Reason for Stay for every reservation can be powerful tools to help you effectively market and sell to your key guests and business contacts. Visual Matrix has the capability to default these fields on every reservation so that they're not required for your staff to use.
Path: Sales & Marketing > Set Up

1. The Required option will be the first box at the top of each of the three sections
2. If the box is checked, the field will be empty and in red when making the reservation; a segment has to be chosen from the drop-down and will have to be populated by selecting an option from the drop-down window. The reservation cannot be saved without it
3. If the box is not checked: a Default segment has to be chosen in the settings. The default segments will auto-populate on each reservation upon booking and will allow the reservation to be saved 

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