Check Out a Group Master Folio (Cloud) 🎥

Check Out a Group Master Folio (Cloud) 🎥

When a group is ready to check out, there are two steps to follow: first, check out the individual rooms allocated to that group, and then check out the group master.
Path: Front Office > Cashiering > Group Account

1. Select In-House Guests from the toolbox on the right.
2. Locate and double-click on the group to populate it to the folio preview screen.

3. Select View to open the folio.

4. If there is a balance, make sure to post the payment.
5. Select Check Out from Tools on the right side of the folio.

6. Select any individual reservations either individually or using the Select All button to check out along with the group folio. Only zero balanced individual folios will show here. 
7. Select OK to continue.
8. Select YES to finalize the process.

It's important to note that, unlike individual rooms, Visual Matrix will not prevent an audit from being run and moving to the next day even if the group still has a balance. A group master folio can remain "In House" with a balance until the property settles and checks it out.
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