Enroll a New Guest in the BWR Program (Desktop) (Best Western)

Enroll a New Guest in the BWR Program (Desktop) (Best Western)


Path: Front Office > Reservations > Search
To be able to enroll a new Guest into the BWR program, the guest has to be in a saved reservation either on a status HLD (Hold), GTD (Guaranteed), or IN (Checked-In). If you are creating the reservation, you will first need to save or check it in and then go back into it. Make sure all the mandatory fields are completed: Last name, First name, Address 1, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone, and Email.

1. Click on the BWR button in the BWR/Tier field to generate a BWR Lookup Window.
2. Click on Email and then on Look Up to make sure that the guest does not have already a BWR account. If no result, search by Name/City.
3. If no result, click on Enroll and complete the application.

4. The Front Desk ID has to be entered in the application to receive credit for the enrollment.
5. Click Enroll to complete the enrollment and print the Welcome Letter.

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