How to Save a document in PDF by default instead of printing it

How to Save a document in PDF by default instead of printing it

Visual Matrix does not have any print settings. Whether you are on VM Desktop or VM Cloud, the default settings for printers on your computer will be what Visual Matrix will follow.
If you're on a Mac computer, when you start to print a document, it asks you if you want to print it or save it as a PDF instead.
Some Microsoft software lets you export your document to create a PDF version of it but in Windows, another wording is used. If you no longer wish to print documents from Visual Matrix but prefer to save them instead, then please follow the tips below.

The advised settings you should have

Type "Printer" in the Windows search field and choose Printers and Scanners in System Settings.
To verify printing always works, we do advise that you select which printer will be your Default one and to remove the checkmark from where it states "Let Windows manage my default printer".

To Save by default as a PDF

Within the Printers & Scanners section, choose the Default printer "Microsoft Print to PDF" as your Default printer.
This means that every time you want to print a document, it will always show a PDF preview and will ask you where you want to save the document.

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