Update a Room Condition with the PBX

Update a Room Condition with the PBX

This feature requires an active PBX interface.

If your hotel utilizes an interface that links Visual Matrix with your PBX system, there is a convenient way for housekeeping staff to update room statuses directly through the in-room telephone. This integration facilitates real-time room status updates, enhancing communication between housekeeping and front desk teams, which, in turn, leads to faster room turnovers and an elevated level of guest service.

Most common codes

Most PBX systems have a built-in housekeeping feature that allows a user to update the status of a bedroom directly from the phone in the bedroom.
This information can be communicated to Visual Matrix through the interface.
When you dial a specific number on the bedroom phone, it will send a command to update the room status in Visual Matrix to one of those three statuses: Maid in Room (#1), Clean (#2), or Clean and Inspected (#3).
If you notice that the Room Number appears in bold on the Room Rack, and when you right-click on the room number, no drop-down menu options are displayed, it indicates that the "Maid In Room" code has been entered on the bedroom phone. To resolve this, you'll need to either input the release code from the telephone or wait for the Night Audit to automatically reset the status.
However, the PBX box needs an activation code to dial before dialing the Visual Matrix status update code. That code may vary depending on the phone system, so you will have to check with your phone vendor to find out what this code is.
After you dial that code, you can dial 1, 2, or 3 to set the Visual Matrix status.
For example: If the "activation code" for the phone system is *2 then you would dial *2 and the status code (ie: *21, *22, or *23).

PBX with the NEC KTS-I Format will have a different set of codes

5- Maid is in the room
6- Room is Clean
7- Clean & Inspected

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