Add Res - Every Field Explained (Cloud) 🎥

Add Res - Every Field Explained (Cloud) 🎥

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Reservations in Visual Matrix can be created through various methods, including BookRes, Availability Screen, Room Chart, Wait List, or the Add Res Screen. Regardless of the method initially used, the reservation will ultimately appear in the Add Res Screen. The specific fields that need to be filled out may vary depending on your parameter settings.
Path: Front Office > Reservations > Add Res

Contact Information

Loyalty Club ID/BWR: Search for an existing guest using their loyalty or BWR number.
Last Name/First Name
Phone 1/Phone 2
Address 1/Address 2/City/State/ZIP/Country
Custom Letter: Select a custom letter from the dropdown menu if you wish to use a specific confirmation letter for this guest.
Guest Profile: Select the guest profile from the dropdown, if applicable.
Language: The language selected will be to print the confirmation letter in the correct language. This translated letter will have to be created in Management > Property Settings > Letters.
Confirmation Delivery: Select the method of delivery from the dropdown. If you select mail/fax, the confirmation will be printed.
Comments: those comments are only visible on the reservation.
HSK Comments: Those comments will be shown in the Housekeeping Room Assignment report.
Internal Comments: Enter any comments or internal use information for hotel personnel to read after searching for the reservation.

Marketing Info

Market Segment: Select a group’s relative marketing segment from the dropdown.
Referral Method: Select a referral method from the dropdown.
Reason for Stay: Select the reason a group will stay from the dropdown.

Stay Details

Arrival Date: Enter the date of arrival. Type the date into the text field, or select the date from the calendar by clicking into the text field.
Nights: Enter the number of nights. The number of nights will automatically populate the Departure field.
Departure: Enter the date a group will leave. Type the date into the text field, or select the date from the calendar by clicking into the text field.
Adults: Enter the number of adults staying on the reservation.
Children: Enter the number of children staying on the reservation.
Special Request: Enter a special request for a guest. E.g., a request for a specific floor or a request for a feather-free pillow.

Room Type: Select the room type from the dropdown menu.
Room Key Icon: This icon is enabled if you have an electronic key interface with VM.
# of Rooms: Enter the number of rooms the guest will reserve.
DNM: Check the box to alert other hotel personnel not to move the guest’s room.
Room: Select the room number from the dropdown, or click to view the Room Chart.
Res Made By: Enter the name of the person who made the reservation if it was someone other than the guest.

Status: Displays the status of the group reservation: New, Hold, Guaranteed, Out, or Cancel.
Company: Select a group’s company from the dropdown menu. Click the search icon to look up a company name.
I.A.T.A. #: Select an IATA number for the dropdown. To look up an agency name, select Lookup IATA# from the dropdown. You can choose to Add a travel agency.
Reservation Made By Phone #: Enter the phone number of the person who made the reservation for a guest.
Group Name: If the reservation is part of a group, the name of the group will display here.

Rate Information

Rate Type: Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly from the dropdown.
Click Details to open the Rate Details.
Multiple Res: If the reservation is part of a multiple reservation, that will be displayed here.
Room Rate (WD): Rate applicable for any weekday of the stay.
Room Rate (WE): Rate applicable for any weekend days of the stay.

Actual Rate (WD): The weekday rate after you apply a discount.
Actual Rate (WE): The weekend rate after you apply a discount.
Override Rate: Displays the override rate set in the Rate Details window. If there is a different override depending on the days, only the first-day override will show.
Discount Code (WD): Select a discount code from the dropdown to apply to the weekday rate.
Discount Code (WE): Select a discount code from the dropdown to apply to the weekend rate.

Rate Private: Select Yes or No from the dropdown to make the rate display or keep it private on the registration card.
Tax Status: Whether or not a guest is exempt from state or city tax. Click Exempt to make a guest's room exempt from taxes.
Extras: Select any extras a guest requests from the dropdown.

Rate Details

Date: The rate information for that day of the reservation (if a guest books for multiple days, there will be multiple rows of information in this window).
Tier: Rate tiering. Click here to see the Rate Tiering guide for managers.
Rate: The daily, weekly, or monthly rate.
Discount: The amount you discounted by applying a discount code.
Actual: The rate after you apply a discount.
Override: Editable field to enter override rates.
Add-Pkg: The price of the package(s) a guest requested.
SubTotal: Total before tax, incidental charges, fixed fees, and extras.
Incidental: Incidental charges incurred on the room. For example, damage charges.
Fixed Fee: Any fixed-fee charge set up.
Extra: Any extra charges added to the reservation.
Total: The total charge for a day, week, or month, that includes all discounts or supplemental charges to the rate.

Global Override: Enter the override rates for every weekday or weekend day on the reservation.


Click Multiple to open the Add Multiple Package window.
Select the date and the package from the dropdowns. Click Add New to add the package(s) you select.

Summary of Charges

Totals: The total sum of charges and discounts.
Payments and Deposits: The total amount of advanced deposits already made.
Estimated Balance: The total charge minus the amount of deposits already paid.
Activities: The total charge for activities.

Payment Info

Select the Payment Method from the dropdown.

Guarantee & Confirmation

Confirmation Number: The confirmation number of the reservation.
Guarantee Type: This field is a mirror of the guarantee type in the Group reservation if this reservation is part of one.
Central Confirmation Number: If a guest makes a reservation through central reservations, the confirmation number will appear here.
BW Cnf/Cxl Req with Res origin: Best Western confirmation number.
3rd Party Confirmation Number: Open field to enter a number for a third-party confirmation. This field will show on the confirmation letter and will show in the subject of an automatic arrival reminder letter.

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