Visual Matrix PMS Reports Keywords Index

Visual Matrix PMS Reports Keywords Index

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Accounting Code Transaction Total (2)

Accounting Code/Name (6)

Activities Revenue (1)

Activity Code/Name/Date/Time (1)

Activity Date & Time (1)

ADR (Average Daily Rate) (35)

ADR % of Base (5)

ADR % of Tier (2)

ADR by Tier (2)

ADR with Comps (3)

Advance Deposit Amount (4)

Advance Deposit Date Request (1)

Advance Deposit Ledger Balance (1)

Airline Code (1)

Airport Code (1)

Arrival Date (26)


Car Make/Model/Year/State (1)

Car Plate Number (1)

Channel Code (1)

City Ledger Accounts Balance (2)

City Ledger Account Number/Name (5)

City Ledger Balance (2)

City Ledger Report Categories (1)

City Ledger Contact (3)

City Ledger Credit Limit (1)

City Ledger Events (Print invoice, Member Billing) (1)

City Ledger Informations (2)

City Ledger Invoice Balance (1)

City Ledger Invoice Number (1)

City Ledger Invoice/Payment Date (1)

City Ledger Uninvoiced Items (1)

Closing Balance (1)

Common Area (1)

Company Contact (1)

Company Informations (1)

Company Name/Code (9)

Confirmation Number (19)

Credit Card Authorization Amount (2)

Credit Card Authorization Number (1)

Credit Card Batch Number (1)

Credit Card Last 4 (1)

Credit Card Type (1)


Date of No-Show (2)

Date of Service (Cleaning) (1)

Departure Date (19)

Discount Code (9)

Double Occupancy Rooms Occupied (2)

Driver's License Number (1)


Early Check In Time (1)

Estimated Guest Folio Balance (1)

Extras Amount (3)


General Ledger Accounts (1)

Group Allocation Drop Date (2)

Group Contact (2)

Group Event Name (3)

Group Folio Balance (1)

Group Name/ID (16)

Guest 1st Stay Arrival Date (1)

Guest Birthday (1)

Guest Incentive Number (1)

Guest Information (1)

Guest Ledger Balance (2)

Guest Ledger Categories (1)

Guest Name (35)

Guest Number of Stays (1)

Guest Origin Location (2)

Guest Pick Up Date/Time (1)

Guest Total Stays Revenue (1)


House Account Name (2)

Housekeeper/Room Attendant Name (4)

Housekeeping Discrepancies Recap (1)

Housekeeping Room Condition (2)

Housekeeping Room Status (2)

Housekeeping Supply Item (1)

Housekeeping Supply Item Cost (1)

Housekeeping Supply Item Total Cost (1)

Housekeeping Supply Item Used (1)

Housekeeping/Room Attendant's Instructions (2)

In House Guests (2)



Number of Activity (1)

Number of Adults/Children/Kids (18)

Number of Nights (16)

Number of Rooms Assigned (1)


Pacakge Name/Code (10)

Packages Amount (2)

Percentage of Room Sold (3)

Preventative Maintenance Assignment Date (1)

Preventative Maintenance Completion Date (1)

Preventative Maintenance Cost (1)

Preventative Maintenance Item (1)

Primary Source Code (1)


Reason for Stay (Other) (2)

Reason for Stay Code/Description (7)

Referral Method Code/Description (7)

Reservation (Public) Comments (6)

Reservation Creation Date (6)

Reservation Extras (3)

Reservation Housekeeping Comments (1)

Reservation Modification Date/Time (1)

Reservation Modified Field + Before/After (1)

Reservation Source Code (1)

Reservation Status (12)

Revenue Taxes (1)

RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) (5)

Room Discrepancy Reported Date (1)

Room DND (1)

Room Posting Type (3)

Room Rate (16)

Room Rate Override (5)

Room Revenue (Actual) (37)

Room Revenue Adjusted (2)

Room Revenue Exempted (2)

Room Revenue Taxable (2)

Room Section Location (1)

Room Tax (2)

Room Type (12)

Room/Folio Number (37)


Tax Exemption Reason (1)

Tax Exemption Type (1)

Tier Rate Applicable (1)

Tier Rates (1)

Total Activities (1)

Total Arrivals (7)

Total Base Revenue (1)

Total by Payment Type (1)

Total Departures (7)

Total Early Check Outs (3)

Total Gross Revenue (1)

Total Group Allocations Dropped (1)

Total Group Allocations Left (4)

Total Group Allocations Picked up (2)

Total Guaranteed Group Reservations (2)

Total Guaranteed Ind Reservations (2)

Total Late Check Ins (3)

Total New Reservations (2)

Total No-Shows (3)

Total Non Guaranteed Group Reservations (2)

Total Non Guaranteed Ind. Reservations (2)

Total Number of Nights Sold by User/Clerk (2)

Total OOO Rooms (5)

Total Override Revenue (1)

Total Packages (2)

Total Rates Overrides by User/Clerk (2)

Total Reservations (4)

Total Reservations Cancelled (2)

Total Reservations with Packages (1)

Total Revenue Booked by User/Clerk (2)

Total Rooms Allocated to the Group (3)

Total Rooms Available (2)

Total Rooms Comp (4)

Total Rooms Occupied/Sold/Booked (33)

Total Rooms Sold per Lead Time before Arrival (1)

Total Stay Overs (2)

Total Time Spend by Housekeeper/Room Atendant (2)

Total Walk Ins (2)

Transaction Adjustment Amount (4)

Transaction Adjustment Date (3)

Transaction Amount (7)

Transaction Date (2)

Transaction Time (5)

Transaction Voided (5)

Travel Agent Account Balance (1)

Travel Agent Check Register (1)

Travel Agent Commission Check Amount (1)

Travel Agent Commission Check Date (1)

Travel Agent Commission Check Number (2)

Travel Agent Commissions (1)

Travel Agent Events (1)

Travel Agent IATA Number/Name (5)

Travel Agent Informations (1)

Type of Housekeeping Service (3)

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