Maintenance Functions of Assigned PM Task in a Guest Room

Maintenance Functions of Assigned PM Task in a Guest Room

When a Maintenance team member logs into MOP, they will be able to see their assigned tasks for the day.
The same assignment can be seen on the All Tasks screen.

The PM Checklist

When Maintenance selects a room on their device that has a scheduled PM, the PM Checklist will be available for them to complete.

- The PM Checklist breaks the guest room down into nine sections: Life Safety,  Doors & Closets,  Furniture & Bedding, Appliances,  Windows, Draperies, Mirrors & Artwork,  PTAC,  Lighting & Electrical,  Bathroom & Plumbing, Floors, Walls & Ceiling
Each of these sections has many sub-topics under them
Under each Section, there are 5 boxes to select from
      - OK
      - NR (needs repair): If NR is selected a Work Order Ticket opens up to complete
      - NO (needs to order): If selected, a box will open up to note what specifically needs to be ordered
      - RC (repair complete)
      - NA (not applicable)
There is a box at the end of each section that can be selected to indicate All OK versus individual check off

At the end of the PM Checklist, click Submit to finalize the task and to create the final information at the start of the checklist about who completed the PM and the date it was completed.
Once the PM task is complete, the task will show as completed on the Maintenance team members' tasks.

The screenshot below is an example of the Life Safety section.
It also shows the Room Number and once the PM is completed, it will auto-populate who completed the PM and the date it was completed.

Full PM Checklist to come

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