Make a New Reservation with Book Res (Cloud) 🎥

Make a New Reservation with Book Res (Cloud) 🎥


Path: Front Office > Reservations > Book RES

Start the reservation by narrowing down the following parameters: Room Type, Arrival date, number of nights, number of adults and children, a Company and a discount code.
Any modification will automatically update the results below.

Once you have modified the parameters above the availability window will update to show the available rooms and rates.
Choose the dates you are creating the reservation for.
If you choose only one room type previously and a number of days, only that room type will show and the number of days will show already selected.

Click Continue

First part of the second screen will show you a recap of the reservation's chosen above: arrival and departure date, room type, rate type and the estimated balance.
Click on Scan ID to use the VM ID Scanner and complete automatically the guest information.

Complete the missing information, any field in red are mandatory.
Check the Text Message box under the phone number (bottom left) to opt-in the guest in text messaging.
Check the Walk-In box under the room number (bottom right) if it is one.

Click Confirm to Save the reservation or start the check-in if you checked the Walk-In box.

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