Marketing Segments Reports (Desktop)

Marketing Segments Reports (Desktop)

This article refers to the Desktop version. For the Cloud version, click HERE.

Front Office, Market Arrivals Report

Go to Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Marketing Arrivals
You can also find the same report in Sales and Marketing > Reports > Status and Arrivals > Marketing Arrivals
This is a forecast report based on the reservations currently in the system.
This report can be printed or exported as Excel, Word, or PDF.

It will show:
- Guest Name
- Status of the Reservation (HLD, GTD)
- Arrival Date
- Number of nights
- Rate
- Discount code, if one applied
- PKG - Package, if one applied
- Group, if reservation part of a group
- Marketing Segments
- Company, if one attached
- Clerk who made the reservation
- Confirmation #

Accounting, Market Segment / Reason for Stay / Referral Method Reports

All three reports are daily reports you can find in the Night Audit section.
Go to Accounting > Night Audit > Reprint Reports
Each report is automatically generated during the night audit.
The reports will show how many rooms were posted by Market Segment.
If a room charge adjustment was posted or a room charge revenue was voided that day, then it will be deducted from the totals.
Each report can be printed or exported as Excel, Word, or PDF.

The reports are divided into three sections:
- Today
- Month to date
- Year to date

Each section includes:
Revenue for that segment
- Number of rooms in that segment
- ADR: Average Daily Rate for that segment
- % Base*: ADR percentage of the Base rate of the lowest-rated room. See below.
- % Sold: % of rooms sold that day /Month/Year for that Market Segment, Reason For Stay, or Referal Method

% Base Explanation
If I have 5 room types and my 2 queen bedroom type has the lowest rate of the 5 this is the rate used as the base.
If the base rate on the lowest-rated room is $100, and the ADR for that Market Segment is $120.00 then it is 120% of the base. If the ADR is $85 then it is 85% of the base.

Sales and Marketing, Marketing Arrivals Report

Go to Sales and Marketing > Reports > Status & Arrivals > Marketing Arrivals
It is the same report that can be found in Front Office > Supervisor above.

Sales and Marketing, Market Segment Forecast Reports

Go to Sales and Marketing > Reports > Forecast > Market Segment / Referral Code / Reason for Stay
If you do not change the date range over 2 weeks (will auto adjust if you change the start date), the report will detail day by day the number of arrivals in each Segment.
It will also give you, for those 2 weeks: Total of reservation per Segment, Total Revenue per Segment, and the ADR for those 2 weeks per Segment.
At the bottom, it will also display the totals of all Segments together for those 2 weeks.

If you do change the date range and go beyond 2 weeks, it will display the totals for the whole period but not day by day.
This report will also display the number of people (Adults/Kids).

Sales and Marketing, Market Segment History Reports

Go to Sales and Marketing > Reports > History > Market Segment / Referral Code / Reason for Stay
Those reports are automatically set for monthly display.
It will display four times in history:
- Month to date
- Year to date
- Last year Month to Date (MTD)
- Last year Year to Date (YTD)

Each section will display:
- The revenue for each Segment
- The total nights for each Segment
- The ADR (Average Daily Rate) for each Segment

Sales and Marketing, Marketing Guest and Company Reports

Go to Sales and Marketing > Marketing > Guest / Company
Those reports will display every guest or company that is in your database with all the details from the number of nights to revenue generated, emails, phone number, etc.
You can filter the report with all the criteria below, including Marketing Segments. You can choose all Segments, one Segment or two Segments.
The Company Marketing Report (on the right) will not display the Reason for Stay.
Once the report is processed, what will display on the screen is only a small portion of the full report. The report will need to be exported to have the full extent of information that it contains.

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