Maximizing Guest Profile Efficiency (Cloud)

Maximizing Guest Profile Efficiency (Cloud)

Delivering a flawless and individualized guest experience stands as a top priority. Achieving this goal involves the consistent upkeep and effective utilization of current guest profiles when handling new reservations. Keeping these profiles current isn't merely a matter of convenience; it serves as a strategic
advantage that can result in heightened guest contentment, improved operational efficiency, and fortified guest loyalty. When you invest in maintaining accurate guest profiles and leverage them for new reservations, you guarantee that each guest's encounter exceeds expectations.
- Personalization Boosts Experiences: Well-maintained guest profiles offer insights into preferences and history, allowing for highly personalized experiences.
- Operational Efficiency: Current profiles save time, reduce errors, and show professionalism during bookings.
- Enhanced Loyalty: Personalized stays lead to loyal guests who leave positive reviews and referrals.
- Effective Marketing: Updated profiles enable targeted promotions, increasing positive responses and bookings.

In Visual Matrix, you can maintain and update guest profiles conveniently through the Guest Profiler section located in "Sales & Marketing".
Path: Sales & Marketing > Guest Profiler > Guest Profiler

The guest profile is composed of 3 main sections: Guest Information, Marketing Information, and Overall Totals.
All information highlighted in green will be automatically populated and included in the reservation when the profile is selected.

Guest Information

In this section, you can choose the guest's preferred method of payment. It's important to note that even if credit card is selected, you cannot save the credit card number due to compliance with PCI regulations.

Marketing Information

Perhaps the most valuable feature in this section is the "Comments" field, where you can input any preferences, habits, or services that the guest values.
It's important to remember that any comments entered here will appear in the guest profile under the 'Internal Comments' section. However, only additions made directly within the guest profile will be saved. Comments added through the reservation will not be included in the guest profile comments.

Overall Totals

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