New Hotel Employee Onboarding Guide

New Hotel Employee Onboarding Guide

The New Hotel Employee Onboarding Guide is a turnkey, guided process. It is designed to provide suggested steps and best practices to take your newest team members from a Pre-hire status to a Hired status, then, from being Onboarded to Trained. The Guide provides General information as well as information that is Position specific. The guide is available in a digital version as well as a printable one.
Please note: each hotel or group of hotels, ownership, or brand may have additional specifications and requirements and those should take precedence.

General Guidelines

The General Guidelines section provides information that would be relevant to all positions at the hotel. Some examples are as follows: Employee Sourcing, Day One Paperwork, Safety and Security Policy and Procedure, Company Core Values, Uniforms, Schedules and Timeclock, Introduction to the Team, and Property Tour to name a few.

Position Specific Guidelines

This section for Position Specific pertains to the different departmental positions at the hotel level. Appropriately, the guides provide focused, specialized content for onboarding and incorporate the use of training checklists that are designed and developed for the Visual Matrix PMS (Property Management System) and the MOP (Mobile Operating Platform) by Visual Matrix.

Printable Version of the Onboarding Guide (Download here)

The Guide is an evolving document. As improvements or necessary changes present themselves, the document will be updated accordingly. It is recommended that you periodically review the document from time to time to ensure you have the most recent updates as they occur.
The most recent version of the Onboarding Guide is 8.22-2.

Digital Version of the Onboarding Guide (Start below)

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