Pickup Group Allocations to Create New Reservation(s) (Desktop) 🎥

Pickup Group Allocations to Create New Reservation(s) (Desktop) 🎥

Path: Front Office > Reservations > Availability (pick up room allocation cannot be done from the Availability Screen in Group)

1. Search for the Group Allocations by date.

2. Click on the allocation field matching the arrival date and room type you want to pick up. Drag to pick up as many dates as required. Release the mouse to create the reservation.

3. Depending on the Group Guarantee Type, the new reservation will slightly differ.

3a- If the Group Guarantee Type is "None" (each room is paying its own bill), the last and first name fields will be empty and will have to be completed before saving.

3b- If the Group Guarantee Type is "Rm&Tax" or "All Charges" (one person will pay the bill from the group master), the last and first name fields will be auto-filled by the group contact name. The name can always be changed before saving.

4. The reservation created is for one room. From the Stay Details, you can choose to pick up more or all the rooms at once and update the names after from the Group Rooming List.

5. The Group Name field displays the Group Name the reservation is linked to.
6. Click the green floppy disk at the top right to save the new reservation(s).

Once picked up, the only information that will update from the group reservation to each individual reservation is the Guarantee Type. If allocations are already picked up and the rates or tax status changes on the group reservation, those information WILL NOT update individual already created reservations but only future reservations. Each reservation will have to be updated individually.

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