Print Checks/Statements for Travel Agent Commissions (Cloud) 🎥

Print Checks/Statements for Travel Agent Commissions (Cloud) 🎥

Path: Accounting > Travel Agents > Commissions Payable

1. Locate/view the guest folio from Commissions Payable.
Choose to narrow the search by IATA#, Travel Agent Type, Source Code, and the Cut Off Date for guest reservations or...

The window, by default, displays all travel agents, even with no commissions due

... Choose to Print the checks/statements for all commissions by clicking "Pay All".

Although they won't have any incidence on the printed checks/statements, you can choose to take out from the screen view any commission at $0.

2. Click Print.

2. Select Checks or Statements from the dropdown. The next check/statement number will prompt by default but another one can be entered.
3. Click Print.

When you make a payment, the commission will no longer show under the Account Detail tab. The payment will then show up in the History tab.

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