Refund a Transfer Advance Deposit (7T)

Refund a Transfer Advance Deposit (7T)

Never Void a 7T. Voiding a 7T will offset the daily guest ledger balance.

If there was an issue with the posting of the Advance Deposit, and the guest has already completed check-in, the only way to rectify it is by offsetting the deposit with a corresponding debit entry.
Path: Front Office > Cashiering > In House Guests > Open Folio

1. Confirm the advance deposit from the folio.

2. Click "View Res" to go to the reservation and confirm the advance deposit method of payment.

3. In the reservation, select the "Deposit Details" on the right.

4. Confirm the Advance Deposit method of payment.

5. Close and go back to the folio.

6. Process a refund using the same method of payment that was initially used for the deposit. See below for the matching codes.

Matching codes:

Advance Deposit postedRefund to post to balance the 7T
7C - Advance Deposit CashCR - Refund Cash
7H - Advance Deposit  CheckRH - Refund Check
7A - Advance Deposit AmexAA - Refund Amex
7G - Advance Deposit DinersAD - Refund Diners
7I - Advance Deposit DiscoverAI - Refund Discover
7V - Advance Deposit Visa/MastercardAV - Refund Visa/Mastercard
7P - Advance Deposit PrePaidMS - Misc Charge

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