Retrieve an Old Guest Folio (Cloud) 🎥

Retrieve an Old Guest Folio (Cloud) 🎥

Path: Front Office > Cashiering > Guest Account

1. Select Retrieve Old Folio from the Toolbox Menu in the top right.
2. Use the available options to narrow down your search: by city ledger, confirmation number, credit card number (last 4), guest last name, room number or CRS number.
3. Modify the arrival date range that the guest would have checked in using the From and To calendars.
4. Click Refresh.

5. Click a line to open its folio.
You can post a charge, adjust a post, refund the guest, charge the guest, print and email a copy of any checked-out folio.

6. Select Close at the bottom to go back to the search page.
All Search Field options require the arrival date range to be modified to effectively search the system for the correct folio. Confirmation and Central Res confirmation do not require the arrival date to be specified, as they bypass that field and search the database for confirmation numbers.
If the folio was adjusted, any charges posted or if any were voided the folio must be brought back to a zero balance before you can leave the screen. 

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