Set up a Guest wake up call with the PBX (Cloud) 🎥

Set up a Guest wake up call with the PBX (Cloud) 🎥

This feature requires an active PBX interface.
Path: Front Office > Reservations > PBX > Guest

1. Search the guest by entering their name in Guest Information or select their room number from the drop-down.
The other tabs - Group, Arrival, and Departure - are only for guest search. Search for a guest who is part of a group or search by arrival or departure dates. Once you choose the guest, it will go back to the first tab Guest.

2. Select the day from the dropdown. Only the current day and the next day will show, even for a guest staying longer.
3. Select the time using the arrows and the AM/PM button.
4. Click the orange plus in the top right to add the wake-up call.
5. Click OK.
6. Repeat the process to setup a wake-up call for the next day.

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