Set up an incidental amount for credit card authorization (Cloud)

Set up an incidental amount for credit card authorization (Cloud)

Setting up an incidental amount for authorization means that every reservation checked in with a credit card will have an extra amount added to the authorization. If not used, this extra amount is automatically released at check out.
Path: Management > Interfaces > All Interfaces > Credit Card Gateway > Processing Information (bottom of the window)

1. Enter here a number of days to authorize incidentals prior to arrival. Enter "0" to disable this option. An authorization prior to the day of arrival will be done during the night audit.

2. Enter the amount of incidental to add to every check-in with a credit card.

3. Check the box if the amount is to authorize one time whatever the lenght of stay or will be multiply by the reservation number of nights.

4. If the incidental amount is based on the number of nights, enter a max number of nights to authorize. This is to avoid extended stay guests to be authorized thousands of dollars.

5. This section is only in the case that an authorization is made days prior to arrival. Select the option to authorize either one night or the full stay.

6. This section is only in the case that an authorization is made days prior to arrival. Instead of doing an authorization, this option will post an advance deposit of the amount selected, first night or entire stay.

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