Setup Extras (Desktop) 🎥

Setup Extras (Desktop) 🎥

An Extra is an additional charge to the guest for services such as a Pet fee, Crib in the room, or Safe usage. The Extras will be added to a reservation depending on the need requested.
Path: Management > Setup > Property > Fixed Fees

Go to Extras section on the right and click on the empty line.
1. Posting Code: Click the drop-down and choose the code you have just created.
2. Qty: You may have only a certain number of Cribs or Rollaways available and you do not want to sell or book more than you have. Setting up a quantity here will prevent overbooking. A warning will pop up if someone tries to add an extra to a reservation and the quantity has already been reached.
3. Charge: Enter here the amount you want to charge for this extra. The amount can always be $0 if you do not wish to charge but still want to be able to count how many were used.
4. Taxable: Is this fee taxable, either by Revenue tax or with a Sales tax.
5. Sales Tax Code: if the fee is taxable with a Sales tax, choose here the Sales tax to apply.
6. One Time: Is the extra fee applicable one time for the stay or per night... check the box if only applicable one time.

To remove an Extra, highlight the line and click on Ctrl+Delete.

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