Visual Matrix PMS vs X!

Visual Matrix PMS vs X!

Choosing a PMS is a huge decision as it will be the backbone used to run your business.
Perhaps you decide to change systems and then realize the result of the new product was not what you expected.
You know the system you move away from but you do not always know the extent of what you will get with a new PMS!
Making the wrong decision and having to go back to a previous system, will not only have a cost, but you will have to go through the implementation process from the beginning.

That is why we asked and we listened to our clients who left and decided to come back, sometimes very quickly!
What does Visual Matrix do better than and lack when compared with other PMS?

Our Most Stated Feedback:

01- Visual Matrix does not limit your rate window. You have an easy way to set up seasonal rates and rates for any date range. In each season, you also can create up to 9 different tiers!

02- Visual Matrix includes an advanced Revenue Management tool with automated rate/discount adjustments with occupancy changes and updates all your external OTA partners live at the same time.

03- Visual Matrix secures access to your portal with an IP address security to limit from where someone can log in. Giving remote access to someone is as easy and secure!

04- Visual Matrix includes housekeeping and maintenance features. You do not have to use an external tool to manage room cleaning and housekeeping assignments.

05- Visual Matrix has an advanced Group booking portal from which you can decide to have individual or group posting and even check-in and check out all the rooms at once and not one by one. You can also create an online link for your guest to book directly on the group allocation.

06- Visual Matrix is set up to avoid overbooking by default. It closes automatically a room type as soon as it is sold out. It updates all your OTA's partners in real-time.

07- Visual Matrix has a wi-fi interface to secure authentication and allows for billing for extra wifi charges.

08- Visual Matrix is interfaced with several electronics locks and mobile key partners. You can now generate a key directly during check-in without using an external device.

09- Visual Matrix city ledger section lets you invoice companies and partners and follow up with a detailed AGING report.

10- Visual Matrix has all the features to be 100% paperless like with the In-Room movie interface, you can send the guest his folio directly on his TV, or skip the paper registration card and go through a touch screen connected to your credit card pinpads.

11- Not only you can set up a rate/discount code to be tax-exempt, but you can set up this exemption directly in the interface, to make sure every reservation that comes in through your interface will be automatically tax-exempt without any action from your part.

12- Visual Matrix auto-saves whether you are creating a new reservation or making changes to a reservation, no risk of having a "ghost reservation" in the system.

13- Visual Matrix includes several reports that let you track any modification in any reservation or folio, including who did it. No unknown transaction or modification.

14- Visual Matrix will only show you available rooms and their status for a reservation whatever the length of stay.

15- In Visual Matrix you can not only enroll someone into the BW rewards program but you can also offer current promotions directly from the PMS.
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