Electronic Locks & Mobile Key Interfaces 🎥

Electronic Locks & Mobile Key Interfaces 🎥

The Visual Matrix Electronic Lock Interface lets hotels easily create electronic keys for individuals and groups.

A few highlighted features that you'll find within the interface:
- VM will auto prompt to make a room key when checking a reservation in
- Make multiple keys, duplicate existing keys, or recreate keys to cancel out any that a guest may have lost
- The interface will set keys to expire based on the hotel's max check-out time on the guest's departure date
- You can create keys from multiple screens within Visual Matrix vs just during check-in

Difference between Electronic Lock and Mobile Key

Electronic Hotel Lock System is a way of being able to access a room without having to use a bulky key, this kind of lock is opened with a PVC Smart Card or RFID Access Card, simple and light just like a credit card.
Also known as a Digital Key, a Mobile Key allows guests to unlock a door using an app on their smartphone, offering safer, more convenient, and more sustainable room access than a traditional plastic room key.

Electronic Locks

As of 11/11/2022, Visual Matrix is interfacing with:
- Assa Abloy / Visionline with 2 format (RFID48 and TL Code).
- Dormakaba Ambience.
- Miwa / ALV2.
For more information, contact our Client Experience team.

Mobile Key

Flexipass is a keyless provider that works with the following:
- Assa Abloy.
- Dormakaba Ambience.
- Salto.
For more information, contact Flexipass.

BW Mobile Check-In/Mobile Key

There is no need to purchase anything from Visual Matrix for mobile key, the two-way already handles this.
This does not create actual keycards, the mobile keys are created through the BW app.
Visual Matrix is already configured by default, the hotel only needs Best Western to activate it on their end.
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