Zoho Assist, our only Connection Tool

Zoho Assist, our only Connection Tool

Zoho Assist has been integrated into the Desktop version 5.0.4 of Visual Matrix. If you are not at least on this version, please contact our support for an immediate upgrade.
This makes connecting to your computer much easier and safer and gives you a little peace of mind when it comes to connecting with our support team.
Every time an Client Experience agent creates a session with our connection tool, an email is sent to your email with a link. Clicking on this link will connect you directly.

Desktop PMS Users

1-2. Click on the Support link or click on the VM logo in the upper left of any screen.
3. Log in again in the Auto Log Off window.

4. Enter the Zoho Assist Session ID given to you by the Client Experience agent.
After entering the session ID, just click Connect and Zoho Assist will automatically launch.  No temp file to download and to run.

Cloud PMS Users

As Cloud users, the majority of the situation can be managed without needed to connect to your computer.
However, if our Client Experience  agent ask to establish a remote connection, you should receive an email with a link for the connection. If you do, no need to continue, just click on the link.
If the email link is not an option, follow the next steps:
1. Go to join.zoho.com.
2. Enter the Zoho Assist Session ID given to you by the Client Experience agent.

3. Click on "Join Session".

4. Agree and Download the file. Once downloaded, run it.
5. Click "Join Session".

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