Void a Charge/Payment in a Folio (Cloud) 🎥

Void a Charge/Payment in a Folio (Cloud) 🎥

Voiding a charge is a necessary step when correcting an error, and it involves a process that includes entering the reason why the void is initiated. Only primary charges can be voided, any secondary/associated charges like a tax cannot be voided individually, they will void with the primary charge.
Path: Front Office > Cashiering > Guest Account/Group Account/House Account > Open a Folio

1. Highlight the line you wish to void.
2. Open the toolbox on the right side and click on Void.
3. Enter a reason for the void and click Submit.
4. The charge will show void with the box being checked at the end of the transaction line.

The Void column is not set to void a line. If the mouse goes over the check box, it will always show a stop sign. This column is there to show if a line was voided.

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