"Exclude 0 Balance" in a City Ledger Statement? (Cloud)

"Exclude 0 Balance" in a City Ledger Statement? (Cloud)

A balance statement serves a broader purpose than simply displaying an account's balance. It provides a comprehensive overview of invoices created, payments posted, and their application to an account within a specified date range. When the "Exclude 0 Balance" checkbox is selected, City Ledger accounts with a zero balance will be omitted from the search results for the chosen date range and selected accounts. However, it's important to note that this exclusion is only applicable to the screen view and does not affect the statement itself. Therefore, running the same search with the "Exclude 0 Balances" option checked and unchecked may yield different result counts.
Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Print Statement

Exclude Zero Balances has no effect on what appears on the statement.
Typically in a 30-day period, payments and applied payments to an invoice will not show because payment would have not been posted during the same 30 days range when the invoice was created.
When printing a statement, the date range is what will predetermine what will show on the report and not what box was checked.

The following screenshots will show the same statement, both with the Exclude 0 Balance box checked, but both for different dates.
1. The first one will have a short range
2. The second one will have a larger date range.

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