Availability Screen Overview (Cloud) 🎥

Availability Screen Overview (Cloud) 🎥

The availability screen presents a wealth of information, including the count of rooms marked as out of order, the total inventory both overall and by room type, availability of auxiliary rooms like meeting and conference spaces, group allocations, and any relevant statuses such as Minimum Length of Stay (MLOS) or Close to Arrival (CTA). Additionally, it provides insights into sold-out dates, upcoming events, and peak occupancy periods.
Path1: Front Office > Reservations > Availability
Path2: Front Office > Group > Availability

Out of Order Rooms

The count of rooms marked as out of order applies to all room types. For a detailed breakdown of these out-of-order rooms, you can either refer to the room rack summary or access the maintenance work order details.

Inventory by Room Type

In this section, you can view the inventory categorized by room type. It displays the total number of rooms available for each room type, along with a daily breakdown of the remaining available rooms. Additionally, the overall number of available rooms for each day is shown at the top of the column.

Auxiliary Rooms Inventory

The inventory displayed here encompasses not only guest rooms but also includes auxiliary rooms such as meeting or conference rooms, as well as any other rentable spaces beyond guest rooms.

Group Allocations

Group allocations are a significant aspect of your inventory management. In this section, you can monitor the remaining allocated inventory per group and room type. These allocations are already subtracted from the total inventory displayed above. If you have multiple groups with the same name, enabling the "Show Event Name" option will display the event name for better differentiation.

Dates highlighted in dark green

This color indicate dates with scheduled events.

Days highlighted in pink

This color indicate dates with a peak date.

Inventory in red

This color indicate sold out dates.

Inventory highlighted in yellow

This color indicate dates closed to arrival (CTA).

Inventory highlighted in blue

This color indicate dates with a minimum lenght of stay (MLOS).

Inventory highlighted in light green

This color indicate dates with a soft close.

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