Create a new VM User with Access Privileges (Desktop) 🎥

Create a new VM User with Access Privileges (Desktop) 🎥

Path: Management > Security

Creating a new user has 4 steps. The optional last 2 have their own article:
1. Create the user login, password, and levels.
2. Assign access privileges to the section of the application the user will have access to.
3. Email for MFA (optional).
4. Setup Employee Texting (optional).

1. Scroll down the list and click in the last empty line.
2. Create the user profile.
- Login: is the Username used to log in to VM Cloud
- Password: Click twice on the lock and enter the desired password. 
- First/Last: First and Last name of the user/employee.
- Department: Choose from - Front Office, Reservations, Accounting, Housekeeping, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Supervisor, Management, Banquet/Catering, and Concierge.
- Active: To activate and deactivate the user.
- Can Exit: This functionality is not in use within VM Cloud.
- Supervisor: This gives authorization to the user to see credit card numbers and post credit and refund amounts higher than the maximum authorized for a non-supervisor.
- Override Rates: This gives authorization to the user to override rates, in the reservations and in the folios.
- FDI: This is only for a brand specific use.

3. Keep the user selected while you assign Departments Privileges Access. Check the box for every section you are granting access to this user.

Without any Access Privileges, a user will be able to log in but won't be able to go further than the dashboard. The user will only access the sections/departments they were given access.
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