How to check if my Credit Card Batch is settled? (Desktop)

How to check if my Credit Card Batch is settled? (Desktop)

This article refers to the Desktop version. For the Cloud version, click HERE.

There are two ways to check if a credit card batch is settled.

From the Supervisor Section of Front Office

Go to Front Office > Supervisor > System Maint
Click on the Credit Card Interface (Visanet/TSYS, Moneris, FDMS, Merchant Link, Transaction Link, Elavon, Shift4).

At the top of the window, you will see all the batches and their status:
- Batch Number (#): This number is generated by your credit card processor and will match whatever you have on your processor portal;
- Audit Date: Date of the audit the batch was for;
- Settlement Date: should normally be the date after the Audit Date, the batch being technically settled by Visual Matrix after the audit;
- Charges: Total of Charges in the batch;
- Credits: Total of Credits in the batch;
- Total: Total of the batch, Charges minus Credits.

Credit card batch can have 3 statuses:
- Settled: The batch is settled;
- Unsettled: The batch is not settled. Click on the unsettled date, and click on Re-Settle Batch on the top right. If any further issue, open a ticket with our Product Support at;
- Missing: The batch is empty, this status shows when there was no transaction that day, nothing to settle.

When you click on a batch date, you will see all the transactions included in that batch at the bottom of the screen.
You will find all the following information:
- Posted: Date the transaction was posted on the folio;
- CC Number: hided number or token number of the credit card. The last 4 digits are the real last 4. For more info on token numbers, click HERE;
- Exp: Expiration Date of the credit card;
- CC Status: Settled or Unsettled. A batch can be settled with one or multiple unsettled transactions, see below;
- Amount: Amount of the transaction;
- Guest Name: Name of the guest on the Folio;
- Arrival: Arrival Date of the Stay;
- Conf #: Confirmation number;
- Room: Room number;
- A/B/C/D: Folio on which the transaction is posted;
- Stat: Status of the reservation.

From the Credit Card Batch Audit Report

Go to Accounting > Night Audit > Reprint Report.
The report is dailyChoose the date you need to check the batch for.
Click View.

A batch can be settled with one or multiple unsettled transactions.

If you received an unsettled credit card batch alert but the batch shows settled, click on the date and look inside the batch to make sure all the transactions are settled.
If all the transactions are not settled, you will need to open each folio with an unsettled transaction, repost the transaction and then void the unsettled transaction.
In case reposting the payment or credit fails, DO NOT void before reposting, or you will create a balance on the folio.