Token Number vs Real Credit Card Number

Token Number vs Real Credit Card Number

What is a Token Number?

A token number is the credit card number encrypted. The number is only valid between Visual Matrix and the credit card processor.
There are multiple types of token. Visual Matrix does encounter 2 types:
- Merchant Link/Shift4/Elavon: the whole credit card number is not encrypted but stays a 16 digits number, the last four digits of the token number are the real last four digits of the credit card.
- Fortis Pay: the token is a 24 digits number from which only 16 are visible in Visual Matrix with no reference to any number from the original credit card number in it.

When do I use a real Credit Card number vs a Token?

A real credit card number can be entered manually either in the pinpad or in Visual Matrix*.
A token number can only be used from Visual Matrix (except Fortis Pay).
Entering a credit card number manually in Visual Matrix does not prove the guest approve the transaction as if the card was swiped, chipped or tap in a pinpad. That can cause higher chargeback and more expensive processing fees for the property.

How to find the type of credit card with an ML/TL/Shift4/Elavon token?

In Visual Matrix, the token will include the type of credit card (VS, AX, MC, DC).
However, like knowing that a credit card number with 15 numbers is an American Express, there is also a way to know what is a type of credit card with the 3 first digits of the ttoken number.
If the token starts with:
- 803: American Express
- 804: Visa
- 805: MasterCard
- 806: Discover
- 835: JCB
- 836: Diners
In Visual Matrix, the token will also include the type of credit card (VS, AX, MC, DC).

How to find the type of credit card with a Fortis Pay token?

Because Fortis token numbers are made of a random 24 characters made of letters and numbers, there are no way to recognize the type of a credit card with these token. However, in Visual Matrix, the unrevealed token will include the type of credit card (VS, AX, MC, DC).

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