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    • Why VM Cloud is a Game Changer!

      In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses and individuals alike are transitioning from traditional desktop computing to cloud-based solutions. This shift promises enhanced flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. This information
    • PMS Webinar July 11, 2024 - Mastering PMS Front Office - Part VI

      Watch or re-watch the webinar below. Don't forget to follow the VM Community and get all the latest informations as soons as it gets out! In this webinar, we will conclude our tour of the Front Office by covering the reports and the Supervisor secti
    • Have you heard about the enhancement to the "Do Not Rent" Guest Status?

      When you assign a guest a "Do Not Rent" status, you want to ensure no one overrides it, whether by mistake or intentionally. Now, when a guest is under this status, a multi-layer confirmation system is required, with the final confirmation being logged
    • A New Report in MOP 2.0: Room Attendants (RA) Average Times

      Frequently requested and eagerly anticipated by users, one of the most sought-after reports is now available in MOP 2.0: the Room Attendants (RA) Average Times. Learn more from the article available in the knowledge base.
    • Unlock a wealth of knowledge with these tools for success

      At Visual Matrix, accessibility is paramount. We're dedicated to ensuring that knowledge is readily available to everyone, whenever they need it, and at their own pace, empowering users to effortlessly navigate and master Visual Matrix applications through