Mapping Discount Codes Request

Mapping Discount Codes Request

If you use Cloud PMS, you have the option to map the discount code on your own. However, if you'd rather reach out to our Client Experience team for assistance, please ensure that you provide answers to the following questions:

What is the Rate Code?

Is the rate code already created in Visual Matrix? YES - NO
If not, the rate code needs to be created before we proceed to a mapping.

(If applicable) Is the rate code assigned to a rate level in Visual Matrix? YES - NO
To assign the rate level, go to Management > Rates > Discounts > Setup > Rate Level.

Is the rate code already available in the Channel Manager? YES - NO
Only rate codes already in Member Web can be mapped. You can check this with the Check Compare Report.

What are the marketing segment for this rate code? (optional - if no answer, a generic code will be used)
   - Market Segment: 
   - Reason for Stay: 
   - Referral Method: 

Update Rate: YES - NO
Is the rate code updated from Visual Matrix to Member Web or is it managed in Member Web. You will find the information in the email your received from EDS.

Update Guarantee: YES - NO
Is the guarantee policy updated from Visual Matrix to Member Web or is it managed in Member Web. You will find the information in the email your received from EDS.

Is the Rate Code Private? YES - NO
If the rate code is private, make sure it was checked as private in the rate code setup.

Is the Rate Code includes Tax? YES - NO

Is the Rate Code Tax Exempt? YES - NO
For example, in the case of an OTA code where the OTA pays directly tax to the State. If exempt, please specify which tax to exempt.

Is the Rate Code part of a Package (Desktop only): YES - NO

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