Make a Walk-In Reservation from Availability (Cloud) 🎥

Make a Walk-In Reservation from Availability (Cloud) 🎥

There are several methods to create a new reservation in Visual Matrix, including starting by checking availability and generating a new reservation from there.
Path: Front Office > Reservations > Availability

1. Search for the first date of the stay.
2. Choose the room type (3) you want to create a reservation for, based on its availability (4) for that day (2). Single-click in the crossing field for one night click and drag across the dates required. You can always extend the dates in the next screen.

5. Adjust From and To Arrival Dates, the number of Adults, Room Type, and Discount codes as needed.
6. The Rack rate for the room type and date chosen without any discount applied will show by default. If Tier level rates are in place, it will indicate the tier level instead of Base.
7. Will show only if a discount is choosen above (5).
8. Single Click the box showing the rate and date that are to be reserved OR click and drag across each night that is to be included.

9. Complete the Reservation with last and first name, adress if mandatory fields and marketing segments if not by default, extras, packages, ...
10. Click the green floppy disk to Save.

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