Open the Modification Log (Cloud) 🎥

Open the Modification Log (Cloud) 🎥

The modification log in Visual Matrix captures changes made to various aspects of a reservation. However, it's important to note that certain types of modifications triggered by another change may not be displayed. For instance, if a room type is changed, the modification log will record this change, but any subsequent changes related to the rate will not be shown, as the primary intention was to update the room type. Additionally, any information entered or assigned during the initial creation of the reservation, before saving, such as room numbers, will not appear in the modification log.
Path: Front Office > Search and Open the Reservation > Mod Detail

The Mod Detail shows any modifications made to a reservation from the creation to the checkout.
For every modification:
- Date of the modification.
- Time of the modification.
- User who did the modification.
- Type of modification was done.
- Old Value: data before the modification.
- New Value: data after the modification.

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