Print City Ledger Statements (Cloud)

Print City Ledger Statements (Cloud)

City Ledger (CL) statements summarize financial transactions for an entity's account with a hotel or property, including charges, payments, and balances. They are crucial for transparent financial record-keeping and billing accuracy.
Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Print Statements

Generate statement

1. Narrow down the report using the optional available filters (from left to right):
- by specific account number or range of CL accounts.
- by start and end date the Statement is generated for.
- by Member Code. A member code is a group of multiple City Ledger accounts.
- by exclude any 0 balance account.
- by including invoices details.

2. Click Refresh.
3. Click Print to print the Statement(s).

4. Each result will show each city ledger account information.

5. Highlight an account to view the AGING details of that account.

Detailed statement letter

- Date of the invoice or payment.
- Description will be either invoice or payment.
- If invoiced, it will show the invoice number.
- The Account Info will show any comments entered when posting a payment. Note that any statement will start with the balance forward and end with the unapplied credits (aka Un-invoiced Items).
- Amount of the invoice or payment.
- New balance after invoice or payment is posted.

- General balance of the account statement.

- Aging report of the account.

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