Print/Create City Ledger Invoices (Cloud) 🎥

Print/Create City Ledger Invoices (Cloud) 🎥

Creating a City Ledger invoice involves generating a document that details the charges incurred by a guest or entity with a City Ledger account. An invoice can include multiple folios, simplifying the billing process by consolidating various charges into a single statement, helping maintain organized financial records and streamline accounting procedures.
Path: Accounting > City Ledger > Print Invoices

1. (Optional) Choose to sort the uninvoiced folios by city ledger account.
2. (Optional) Choose to sort by the date the folios were direct billed.

3. Click Refresh.

4. Select the folio(s) to invoice to the city ledger account(s) or use "Select All" to select all uninvoiced folios.

If multiple CL accounts are selected, a separate invoice per account with all the related folios will be created.

5. Choose whether or not to include the guest folios with the invoice.

6. Click Print to generate each invoice. Invoices will either print or email, based on the city ledger account setup.

Any City Ledger account that has the "email invoices" option selected will not be printed. The system does not allow both printing and emailing of invoices for these accounts simultaneously.

Essential Components for any Ticket Submissions

Which account? 
Which invoice? 
Any confirmation number to associate with this invoice or issue? 
What do we need to assist with? 
Is there an error? If so, what error and what are we doing when this error comes up?

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