Report a Room Status Discrepancy (Cloud) 🎥

Report a Room Status Discrepancy (Cloud) 🎥

A room status discrepancy between the front desk and housekeeping refers to a situation where there is a difference in the reported status of a guest room's cleanliness or readiness for occupancy. Such discrepancies can lead to operational challenges and should be promptly reported and addressed through effective communication between departments.
Path: Housekeeping > Room Status > Room Discrepancy.

1. Select the room number to update from the drop-down. Reservation History will be shown.
2. Current FD Status of the room within the Front Office section.
3. Use the drop-down window for HSKP Status to change the room's Occupancy Status and the room's Condition Status.
4. Enter any needed Comments (ie: If the room's status in Front Office was Vacant but Housekeeping is reporting it as Occupied the comment could read "Guest still in the room").
5. Click Save.

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