Sales & Mktg City Ledger Profile (Desktop) 🎥

Sales & Mktg City Ledger Profile (Desktop) 🎥

The City Ledger profile in Sales & Marketing is divided into 6 sections:
1. Company Address
Key points of this section. You can see the Name and Address of a particular company that has direct bill privileges.

2. Contact Information
This will provide a key point of contact for billing issues, updates, and any changes within the Direct Bill agreement. There are fields for the name, phone number, and email of the contact. Key points of this section. Primary contact at the company for billing privileges and any changes.

3. Billing Address
Key points of this section. Address where the City Ledger will be billed.

4. Billing Information
The two options are as follows: All (room and tax, incidentals, meals, etc.) or Room and Tax only. Key points of this section. Direct bill allowances and status.

5. Credit Information 
Drop-down window allows for seeing the terms of credit extension. You can also see the discount % if any are applicable for the account. Key points of this section. Terms of the agreement for payment expectation and the credit limit extended.

6. Authorized to Book
Up to three names can be listed to authorized Direct Billing for payment. Key points of this section. Names of the individuals who can make the reservation and authorize the direct billing for payment.
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