Setup Fixed Fees (Cloud) 🎥

Setup Fixed Fees (Cloud) 🎥

A Fixed Fee is an additional charge that, once setup, is automatically posted to each room nightly during the night audit. This fee can be taxable and exempted like a tax.
Path: Management > Property Settings > Fixed Fees 
Before adding a new fixed fee to the settings, the fixed fee needs to have an accounting code.

1. Click New Fixed Fee.
2. Posting Code: Click the drop-down and choose the code you have just created.
3. Charge Amount or %: Is this fee a percentage of the room charge or a flat amount.
4. Taxable: Is this fee taxable, either by Revenue tax or with a Sales tax.
5. Sales Tax Code: if the fee is taxable with a Sales tax, choose here the Sales tax to apply.
6. Per Adult: Is the fee applicable per person (Adults, children not counted), or per room.
7. By %: If you entered a % amount in field #3, then check the box.
8. Off Rack: If the fee should be applied to the Rack rate, check the box.
9. Click Save.

To remove a Fixed Fee, highlight the line and click on Remove (10).

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