Chat Support

Chat Support

Visual Matrix chat brings your Client Experience team a lot closer.  Subscribers can conduct a live chat with a member of Client Experience. They are just a Click away!
Chat is currently available Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm CST (Central Standart Time).

How to Access


From VM Cloud
A. Available on Every Screen in Visual Matrix Cloud, it will be located in the bottom, right corner of the screen.
B. The subscriber will Click on the Green Bubble (see screenshot below)
C. The Chat Feature can also be accessed through
D. Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday 8 am-8 pm CST

Using the Chat Feature

A. The client will start the Chat by clicking on the Green Bubble (see screenshot above and small insert below)
B. Once opened, they will have options to browse through the Knowledge Base, open a Ticket, or start a Chat.  There is also a listing of Popular Articles and Recent Articles to look through
C. When the subscriber selects  Chat, they must complete the fields for their Name, Email address, and Type in their Message
D. Selection of the Arrow or Enter will be done to begin the Chat 
E. Keywords in the message prompt the Knowledge Base to provide Related Articles to review 

Additional Chat Features

A. Connect to an Operator for live voice communication. It will ring any available agent
B. Leave a Message - Type in a message and it will be formatted in the Chat message and become a ticket
C.  The subscriber can Mute their call, send an email, print the Chat, or share their Screen