Computer System Requirements

Computer System Requirements

VM Cloud PMS

Basic Requirements

Quad-Core Intel i5 or higher
8Gb or higher (16Gb for the first server/broker station)
Operating System
Windows 10 is required for the main station (broker).
Other systems may be supported for other stations, such as Chromebooks, Mac iOS, ...
High-Speed*, low latency network, and internet access required.
* To be considered high speed, your download speed should be higher than 25Mbps standard, ranging from 100 to 1,000 Mbps.
A secondary internet connection such as a 4G cellular service is recommended in case of an internet outage.

Peripheral Equipment

Software and Printing
Google Chrome browser required
Software to read and print PDF files is required
Required for online web training
Credit Card Readers
EMV Readers required for EMV interface (purchases through EMV provider)
Multi-Port Serial Device
Serial/USB device to connect any serial interface (PBX, Call Accounting or Voicemail) - Available through Visual Matrix

About the Cloud
All important data regarding your hotel will be stored inside the VM Cloud environment, which is hosted within the Microsoft Azure platform.
The only software required to be installed directly at the hotel is our “VM Cloud Broker” software/service, which simply relays connectivity messages between our VM Cloud system and your local hardware interfaces, including your EMV terminals, telephone system, or restaurant point-of-sale system.
The VM Cloud Broker is a very small Windows Service that has been designed to run on the Windows 10 platform and does not require the extra licensing fees of Windows Server.
If you or your IT personnel have any questions about this recommendation against Windows Server, please feel free to contact our Support for further information.

VM Desktop PMS

Basic Requirements

CPUQuad-Core Intel i5 or higher
Memory8Gb or higher (16Gb for the Device Server)
Operating System
Windows 10 is required on every station
Server operating systems are not recommended
Mass Storage Device

VM Desktop requires 60 GB free space - SSD recommended

Secured wired ethernet required.
Windows Servers or Virtual Servers are not recommended

Peripheral Equipment

Any laser Windows compatible printer with 32Mb memory
SpeakersRequired for online web training
UPS (Batter Power Backup)
Uninterruptible power supply recommended

External HDD/SSD 80+ GB (USB or Network attached)

Credit Card Readers

EMV Readers required for EMV interface (purchased through EMV provider)

Multi-Port Serial DeviceSerial/USB device to connect any serial interface (PBX, Call Accounting or Voicemail) - Available through Visual Matrix

Internet Requirements

High-speed (20 Mbits down/20 Mbits up), low-latency network and internet access required for support and various interfaces

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