Create a New Alert Task (2.0)

Create a New Alert Task (2.0)

An alert task covers a range of issues, such as broken items, guest complaints, and lost and found items. It can be reported by anyone. Room attendants can report alerts from within an ongoing task, while individuals with access to the "Alert" section can report them directly from there.
Path: Dashboard > Alerts

1. Click on "Add Alert".

2. Choose either the room number or the property location to which the alert is related.

3. Select the "Alert Type". If the reason is not in the list, select "See Notes" and udelize the "Notes" field below.

4. Choose the task's Priority (High, Medium, or Low). A high prority task will show at the top of the assignee list in red.

5. Use the "Notes" field to add any information useful to the completion of the task. As well you can udelize the "New Image(s)" option to add photos from your computer or phone.

6. Click "Save" to complete the creation.

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